Youth Summer Camps 2021:

Youth entering 5th to 12th grade, we have two distinct program options through the entire summer.

Learn To Row Youth Sessions: M-F 9M-Noon, $325 Session (2 weeks)


These two-week sessions teach athletes the skill sets necessary to maneuver the rowing shells on the water. Athletes learn how to sequence their bodies properly and boat handling skills to navigate around the lake and with other boats.  After one full session, athletes are encouraged to continue to refine their skills and build friendships by continuing with Experienced Sessions throughout the summer.

As Covid-19 restriction slowly ease, we combine learning in singles, one-person boats, with team boats. This provides more opportunities to learn skills in various settings, allows for challenges among peers, and creates a fun environment.

Our dedicated coaching staff includes Olympians, National Team Members, Collegiate athletes, and National Champions. They never cease to find better ways to engage athletes where they are to teach rowing.

Youth Learn To Row Session Dates:

June 7-18, June 21-July 2, July 6-16, July 19-30, Aug 2-13

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Experienced Youth Rowing Sessions: M-F 9 AM-Noon, $115/week

The experienced sessions are for those athletes that have finished a Learn To Row or have rowed previously.  Experienced sessions are divided up to match athletes with similar skills and maturity, so all athletes are engaged in a challenging, engaging, and fun environment.

Experienced Youth Sessions Dates:

Sessions run weekly starting June 7th-11.  A detailed list is on the registration form to choose from.

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Visiting Team Camps:

Cachuma Lake is a perfect setting for training camps. Set in the heart of wine country you will find mild weather all year. Good water and plenty of facilities and equipment make Cachuma Lake and Mission Rowing an excellent environment for Winter or Spring Break trips, Masters camps, or fine-tuning before a big championship.

Cachuma Lake is located less than twenty-five minutes from Santa Barbara’s cultural activities and beaches. A perfect environment to focus on rowing undisturbed, yet surrounded by opportunities for fun and team building if that is on the plan.

Mission Rowing can help you to get the most out of your experience. We can help set up accommodations in the park, at nearby camps, or can suggest local hotels. We have docks, launches and land equipment to provide you with everything your team may need. Depending on your needs, we can even offer boats set to your rigging specifications. Our coaching staff and consultants can also be available to run a camp for you.

Drop us an email and let us help you set up a training opportunity that will boost your team’s performance. Tell us what you are looking for, and we will give you the best options to make it happen.


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