Mission Rowing provides rowing instruction for all age groups and skill levels: focusing on the individual athlete, their connection to the boat, and role as part of a team. Mission Rowing employs coaching methods and teaching environments that promote faster learning. Through an enriching environment and use of competition, we develop rowing skills to the highest potential for each athlete provided they are willing to work for the rewards.

Youth athletes learn valuable lessons and behaviors to be successful and confident people of society. Adults in our programs keep their athletic, competitive juices flowing and build a sense of camaraderie being a part of something larger than themselves. Elite athletes in our programs utilized the energy of the community to pursue their dreams of representing their country on international podiums. All Athletes will develop their rowing skills to the best of their potential, given their commitment and foster great team fundamentals.

Our coaching team has experience at all levels of rowing: high school, collegiate, national and Olympic team, open water, and masters rowing. They work extremely hard to bring energy and a focused plan for each practice. They are all trained to make the most of your most limited resource, time!

Summer Camps/ Summer Programs

Our Summer Rowing opportunities are listed on our Camps page.  Please click this link to go to that page or click the tab at the top of the page.


We offer summer programs for rowers from middles school - collegiate athletes. The range of opportunities runs from Learn-to-Row to high-performance training.

 Camps Link


Learn to Row Sessions: Ages 16-75 (12-16 if accompanied by an adult)

Our experienced staff teach, all ages, the basics needed to get the most from the sport. Regardless if you plan to compete in the future or just row for fitness, these sessions introduce the required skill set and knowledge of boat handling, safety, technique and jargon. In a co-ed, no pressure environment participants learn at the pace they can handle and acquire skills. Please read carefully when choosing your session.


Session 12-2021: June 5-27, Sat 9:30-11:30 AM / Sun 7-9 AM

Session 13 - 2021 July 10-Aug 1,Sat 9:30-11:30 AM / Sun 7-9 AM

Session 14-2021: Aug 2-27, M/W/F, 6-8AM

Session 15-2021: Aug 7-29,Sat 9:30-11:30 AM / Sun 7-9 AM

Session 16-2021: Sept 1-24, M/W,F, 6-8AM

Session 17-2021: Aug 31-Sept 30, T/Th, 9-11AM

Session 18-2021: Sept 11-Oct 2,Sat 9:30-11:30 AM / Sun 8-10 AM

Session 19-2021: Oct 4-29, M/W/F, 6-8AM

Session 20-2021: Oct 5-Nov 4, T/Th, 9-11AM



Questions? Contact:

High School Racing Team

Youth Racing Team

Mission Rowing is committed to developing its High School Racing Team and provides an athletic outlet for teenagers during the ongoing pandemic. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Rolling admittance as long as you have completed a Learn to Row series. A list of current Learn To Row dates listed just above this.

We continue to take all necessary and prudent precautions while advancing the strength, endurance, and skills of Santa Barbara Counties Racing Team.  We will continue to row singles (one person boats) until restrictions have lifted.  (Exceptions for family members and those that have isolated together.)

Our unique approach includes race simulations regularly with our Masters and High-Performance group, allowing for community building and development of race mindsets. These "race days" are integral in implementing what is learned daily in fast-paced race-day moments, and supplements the lack of races due to COVID-19.

Athletes will participate in water and land activities weekly to develop and grow a new regional powerhouse team.

If you are younger than a high school freshman but still interested in the racing team, please reach out to Carol (email below) to assess if this is a good fit.

Schedule: Starting August 31st

M-F 3:45 - 6 PM

Sat 7 - 10 AM

Monday, Wednesday, Friday  and Saturday - Mandatory

Tuesday and Thursday - optional.

Cost: $345/month

Questions? email:


Rowing Program for 6th-8th graders

This program is designed to introduce the fundamentals of sculling, (2 oars per person), to sixth through eighth graders   Our approach focuses on teaching proper technique and boat handling skills.  We balance the atmosphere with competitive games, team building and stoking camaraderie to keep the age group engaged. We have long been proponents of teaching early and creating no barriers.  We recognize the future of our racing team is built on the joy and fundamentals that these athletes embody.

We can take rolling admittance as long as the athlete has completed a Learn to Row session.  Ongoing youth Learn to Row sessions listed above.

No experience is necessary.  We will teach everything you need to know.

Yearly Schedule 2021:

February 20-May 29

T/W/Th/F     3:45-5:45 PM

Saturday     9:30-11:30AM

Aug 30-Nov 20

T/W/Th/F     3:45-5:45PM

Saturday      9:30-11:30AM

Nov 22-27(Thanksgiving Week) 

M/T/W 9:30-11:30

Nov 29-Dec 18

Saturday     9:30-11:30AM

Dec 20-31


Cost: $160/month ($40/week)

Questions? Contact:


Adult Rowing and Racing

If you have just finished a Learn To Row sessions, or have been a rower for twenty years, our master's team has a place for you.  Mission Rowing provides workouts and instruction to continue to improve technique, fitness and speed.  We run our sessions so that everyone is challenged to their abilities and team progress is made by individual gains.

During the school year, Mission Rowing regularly runs "race-days" were all members of the community race against each other to handicapped standards.

Not into racing? These sessions are fun to see our community working to push each other and build a strong community in the pursuit of pushing comfort levels.  These workouts provide feedback on your progress in a fun environment.

Interested in joining this group or have questions? email:


$129/ month for three sessions a week.

Tuesday&Thursday 6 am-8 am, and Saturday 7 am-9 am.


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9 am - 11 am.


Our coaching staff and consultants have worked with nearly two dozen National Team athletes over the past decade. We work with Junior, U23, and Senior National Team and Olympic athletes. Mission Rowing utilizes every factor to garner success at the highest level. Applying knowledge and advice from our amazing nutritionists, PT and strength training consultants.

If you are interested in joining this program please email Head Coach- Conal Groom:

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